New Product Development

Test equipment for the aerodynamics research industry varies widely in terms of performance requirements, design, and construction. Since each test facility is unique, Ate AEROTECH’s test equipment is usually custom designed, highly engineered, innovative and employing state-of-the-art components.

Test facilities are continually relied upon for more precise data and greater data productivity. The competition for research and development funds, as well as the need to maintain up-to-date instructional facilities, demand that test facilities be continually improved.

Design innovation has always been one of Ate AEROTECH’s main strengths. We are constantly striving to provide innovative solutions to the Test Engineer that are economic whilst performing to a tight specification.

Examples of this have been in the design and development of our “Fluid Belt Moving Ground Simulator” which can be used as an economic replacement for a moving belt system when testing automotive models with standard ground clearances. We have also designed and installed External Balances on Elevation Systems to be able to change the resolution centre of the balance to be more versatile with a variety of test configurations and model setups.

As instrumentation, data acquisition, and controls have been continuously improved, there is a need to retrofit test facilities with higher performance systems. As a result, the facilities themselves have been shown to need improvements in terms of the quality of the test conditions and the accuracy and speed of the various mechanical systems such as model supports, balances, and flow survey systems.

Ate AEROTECH offer a wide variety of test facility equipment and services for the improvements needed to keep your research laboratory competitive.

Whatever your requirement in the field of fluid or aerodynamic research, talk to us at Ate AEROTECH. We may have the answer you have been looking for.